Vegan Summer Festival in Berlin


Usually, being a tourist attraction or a “go-to” stand for rumbling stomachs, the Bratwurst stands around the Alexanderplatz Berlin were left empty.

Instead, vegan-enthusiasts and flexi-vegans were celebrating Europe’s biggest vegan summer festival “Veganes Sommerfest Berlin” on the plaza.



The meat of the mission was to promote the vegan philosophy. –With success. Guests were enjoying the summer sun, while refreshing with a drink of coconut water, right out of a coconut, and discovering new –and old- plant-based food trends, such as Sushi buns and Vegan Burgers. The festival was a public invitation for those open to experiment and find what suits their pallet.

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Over 55.000 visitors from all over the world, a majority being from Germany, the U.K. and the US, were attracted to the event.

The atmosphere was incredibly friendly and laid back. While often being the minority, here about two thirds of the visitors were proud to be vegan. Fruit prints or slogans like “Don’t be a zombie.”, “Equality for everyone” or “Plants have protein –Science” on T-shirts was the festival look.

In a place, where most came with a background story and/or a personal reason of why they turned vegan –animal rights, ecological damage, world hunger, health, etc.- the festival offered many opportunities to share and inspire, in addition to giving out more information.  “Ask a Vegan” is one of many highlights in a large spectrum of stands –around ninety stands total- dedicated to animal rights, animal protection, dieting, health and environment.

Further on the agenda were lectures and cooking shows as well as music performances.

Edward Daniel, former chairman of the Vegan Society, was given the honor to hold the first lecture “Essence: The Beginner’s Guide to Veganism”.

“I examined a slice of meat in my hands”, Daniel remembers, “and realized that what I was holding, was a corpse. It lived once.” This epiphany worked its wonders as an immediate “veganizer”. To him, veganism is closely connected to spirituality, simplicity and a sense of togetherness. It’s about “minimizing the harm and suffering to other sensual beings”.

Wrapping it up, what I took out of this experience is to challenge yourself to make more informed choices, question what you know, find your own path and make your own choices.

Lettuce do our best!

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