Autumn Is A Dancer

An Autumn Special


The lights are out in the costume room of the Theatre of Four Seasons. Dresses in shades of white, bright yellow and pastel pink have recently been stacked away. “Not until next year”, sighed Summer after clearing her make-up table. Along with her exited the bee-zy buzzing that usually filled the room; the laughter that echoed from the high walls had dissipated along with the atmosphere that had been sparkly like lemonade.


The costume room was now empty. A woman with red hair tiptoed to her make-up station. The wooden floor was cold and she still felt the sticky spots of dripping ice cream that hadn’t been cleaned up yet.

She slipped on her golden dress and accessorized with a ruby necklace. They had trusted her with the most expensive costume. One last time, she marveled at her image in the mirror before she entered the stage.

I was there to see her dance. I sat right there in the front row.

Her entrance was soft. She pirouetted gently across the floor like a leaf falling in a spiraling motion. Her dress followed the circles revealing her dotted pair of rain boots. I couldn’t help but to imagine her dancing alone in the rain.

She slowly picked up the pace, letting the focus and concentration that she had put into her first figure fade away. I wasn’t certain anymore whether she was in control of the movements or if the movements were in control of her.  Twirling. Twirling. Twirling. Under the lights, her amber eyes sparkled. Her dress was flying high and her red hair lashed into her face, smearing her lipstick. Her peaceful look turned into a beautiful chaos. She consumed the whole room. Like a cloak, she laid her colors over us. She was the essence of autumn.



The rattling of leaves was her song. I could hear the wind brushing against the top of the trees, parading all the colors of the season. The chill made my cheeks flush red. I tried to zip up my jacket just a little more before the winds could touch my body. The leaves the wind had picked up made its movement visible. The colors of gold and dark red synchronically twirled in two wide circles before they spread in all directions.

Suddenly, the dancer stopped in front of me.

Out of breath.

From close, she smelled of pumpkin spice and cinnamon.

Her twirls had stirred a cold wind that would soon take over the stage. As she glanced behind the opening curtain, she saw that Winter was already waiting. I could still feel her dissipating heat.

She will leave the stage with a tear in her eye.

Again, like Summer before her, she will be alone in the costume room.

But for now, the next few seconds belong to her.



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From You for You

On the last note, I would like to end this article with a small surprise for you. Over the past couple of weeks I have been interviewing people from all over the world.

“What do you like best about Autumn?”, I asked. Here are their answers. Enjoy!




acorn-2026990_960_720Thank you everyone for your participation. To me, it was a lot of fun being in touch with the world and getting to know some amazing people.

Do you want to be part of the next season special? Just send me a message and I will keep in touch.

(Bonus: The name of your website will be posted below your comment.)






  1. Beautiful words and photos!

    I think of autumn as a season for dancing too. There is something about the way the leaves gently fall down that reminds me of a dance. At least, I think of it that way then the sun shines through the leaves…when it’s raining, autumn is a season for slipping!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your compliments. 😀
      The falling of the leaves is exactly where I find the imagery of the dance, too. To me, autumn is headstrong and uncontrollable dancer, as the weather is constantly changing its mind -Sunshine in one moment, storm and rain in another.
      I adore the charm the light adds to the picture. Thank you for including that. The light softens in autumn and creates patterns on the ground. Simply beautiful.
      I like the rain in autumn, because then I can wear my rubber boots. (I know it’s a silly reason, but it’s true.) -It “obviously” shows how I am living dangerously on the edge trying not to slip. Try not to fall, Josypheen. 😉 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oooh I am with you on the wellies!

        I have a pair of pink wellies with polka dots and it makes me sooo happy to wear them. It’s always good to think of the good things about the rain!!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, BookWyrm. Most of them were taken in my uncles’ home village Klepzig, Germany. It’s so beautiful. It’s completely surrounded by trees. Also, a lot of trails start there. Hiking to old castles is my favourite thing to do there.


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