Christmas Garden Berlin


Silver Bells. It’s Christmas time in the city. As city sidewalks and busy sidewalks compared to a walking highway, I escaped to a place where fairytale meets fantasy: the Christmas Gardens of Berlin. Following over 1.5 million twinkling dots of light, I began my magical walk through a winter oasis.


The larger-than-life flora shines in a seasonal gown as more than 30 individual light installations decorate the 2 kilometer long trail. I was walking on stars, created by a light installation called the Milky Way, as I passed the Snowflake Pond, Enchanted Flowers, the Harbor of Wishes, the Snowball Ensemble, Snow Crystals and the Tree of Dreams. I adored how the artists worked on the reflection of the water with the snowflakes and snowballs. Multiple installations put together created one Christmassy picture: Landing next to the Snowflake Pond, Santa sat on a bench under the illuminated tree. His sleigh stood near the water while his reindeer rested, surrounded by ribbons of light.

My highlight was the 100 year old willow tree. Like a coat, a net of light had been thrown over its hanging branches. To me, the weeping willow was a little piece of Pandora in the movie “Avatar”.

Like a happy ending at a fairy tale, the Christmas Garden captures the most beautiful sides of winter. Last year, at the premier of the “ungrincher” in Berlin, the event was a gigantic success with over 120,000 visitors. Inspired by England’s “Christmas in Kew”, near London, the wonderland is a one-of-a-kind in Germany and can still be enjoyed until January 7th 2018.

Don’t be a cotton headed ninny muggings! Enjoy!


candy-146690_960_720Travel Candy

With 19.00 Euros entrance fee the event is definitely overpriced. If you can, visit from Monday to Thursday. The entrance fee is with 17.00 Euros slightly cheaper.  And if you are a student, make sure to bring your student ID, as you can knock off an extra 2.50.


Warmest holiday wishes!


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