USA Diaries Part 1

I Smell Snow


Over the holidays, my husband and I flew to the United States to spend the jolly Christmas season with his side of the family. To us, Christmas means family and is the most special season of the year. Join us on our travels. We are happy to have you along with us.


Being in the States feels like listening to the oldies station on the radio: familiar and at home. The retro-like wooden houses on a chess pattern of streets and blocks remind me of a movie set. Snow has fallen like powder-sugar and covered the town in sparkling white. Some families have decorated their front porch with radiating lights. I love glancing into their homes to see the elaborately ornamented Christmas trees.


Everything about winter in a small town seems great: the clothes, crystals, flakes and hot drinks. The cold triggers my desperate call for coffee, coffee, coffee. Like the Gilmore Girl I am, I escape into the coziest of cafes that offer their Christmas specials like Sugar Cookie Chai, Cinnamon Roll or Sweet Maple Latte. (And since nothing says coffee like an early morning, the “Eye Opener”, “Berry Good Day” or “Spirit Bomb” would probably become my morning classic if I lived here.) Paradigm, or as I like to say “Sheboygan’s living room”, is my favorite café in town. It captures the small town spirit like no other place does. With its alternative decoration of doors as dividing walls and bicycles hanging from the ceiling, it gives itself a creative feel. The comfortable arm chairs and sofas create the perfect atmosphere to let the day pass by while getting lost in a book, working on the laptop or playing board games with friends. An equally engaging setting for the “Game of Scones” is provided by the Glas Coffee House, which overlooks a frozen river.


As the outside temperature dropped below zero, steam clouds of condensation formed over Lake Michigan. A thick layer of ice, thickening with each wave breaking the shore, has covered up the sandy beach outside of the city. The lake never freezes, but floating ice sheets reach several meters into the water. They rattle as the waves roll through the gigantic slushie. Further out, ducks and seagulls swim around the dock.


I like taking the (princess) dog, Gladys, for walks there. As she adventures, she slides over the ice. Whole plants are frozen in time and icicles are hanging from branches and the trunks from fallen trees. We love to watch the fluffed sparrows that have settled down in the bushes.

For longer walks, we escape to the Kohler Andrae State Park. Its dune landscape at the lake has transformed into an ice desert with its winds twirling the light snow.


I smell snow. Can you?

Wishing you snowflakes and winter cheer!


travel candy

Travel Candy

“What would you recommend?” Eat like a local. If the menu in a café or restaurant overwhelms you, ask the waiter/waitress for their personal favorites. They often know what’s best for your culinary experience. In addition, it guarantees an adventure for your taste buds and opens up to opportunity for small talk with people from the area.










    1. Thank you. Being abroad is great already, but spending the time with loved ones is 100 times better. I will definitely miss being here.
      I hope you have a great Christmas vacation as well. 🙂


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