USA Diaries Part 3

A Man’s Castle


How would you feel if you were told the one thing you can’t miss out on in an art exhibition were the toilets? Confused? Possibly reconsidering your visit because if a toilet is the highlight, how much less interesting is the exhibition going to be, right? Out of the top of my head, I can imagine at least three things that interest me more than the image of a toilet: your coffee, the cars driving down the street and the ornaments on the Christmas tree. However, I  for one, felt fooled.


A formally dressed receptionist welcomed me to Sheboygan’s Kohler Andrae Art Center. “Make sure you check out the bathrooms.  And we would like to encourage you to also check out men’s bathrooms.” Yeah right. I was certainly involved in the biggest prank in town. And I was the fool.

Yet, I ventured to explore the men’s castle and their throne.

I was stunned by the luxurious design of each bathroom. Take a look!




Big dreams happen in small places.
Shit happens. Roll with it.
How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door you are on.




“The Road Less Traveled Exhibition Series” takes creative and rocky back roads. It discovers hidden artistic beauties and shares the usually “unseen” with the visitors.

Taking the unusual road challenges the traveler to change their perspective and to explore behind hidden corners. “Things are what we encounter” does exactly that with hidden artworks in a wooden installation. You climb, you crawl.


“The Healing Machine” features workshop-like art.. All of the over 400 individual pieces are capable of electrical activity. –A motive that was fueled by the artist’s brainchild of channeling creative currents that can relieve a person’s pain.



My highlight of the exhibition is “Mythologies” as the fantasy art is highly botanically influenced.


travel candyTravel Candy

The Kohler Andrae Art Center is definitely worth a visit –especially on the colder days. The exhibition is completely free and the toilets can be admired all year long, while the exhibition is ever changing. Enjoy your visit.




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