Travelling in 2018 – The Adventure Awaits

Berlin Travel Festival 2018

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If you are a Culture Surfer, a Dream Creator, an Escape Seeker or an Adventure Collector, then you are like one of us!

 To travel is to live.

Today’s traveler is an adventurer, who dives into a different reality every day and welcomes the thrill of the unexpected with a warm smile. Hakuna Matata.

In comparison to tourism, when one travels, they undergo a process of change towards a hidden characteristic.


Rather than just seeing places, adventurers seek a ‘life-changing’ experience that sticks even after the vacation ends, such as cultural experiences and moments of personal reflections (etc.).

Hey what’s this? The traveler is waving at you from outside of your comfort zone. Care to join and say “Hello”? Driven by the longing for happiness, freedom and the feeling of belonging, maybe even being part of something larger than us, the adventurer steps out of the comfort zone to make stories happen!

Purposely lost in a jungle of concrete buildings and streets or somewhere in Neverland, engage with locals, try something new and explore off the beaten path to find beauty in hidden places rather than living by the guidebook. It adds a uniqueness to the journey that only the traveler truly understands.

Yes, travelers still do sightseeing and not every day is packed with action. Going where locals go and doing what locals do is the best way to blend in like a chameleon. Spending the day at a café or having a picnic in the park, for instance, is a way of taking a deep drink of culture and nourishing the soul.


 Travel Festival Berlin 2018 – A must for Travel Freaks!

 Colorful, energetic and innovative. The first (in history) Travel Festival Berlin in its pioneer state is all that. The three-day event had only one mission: to create travel dreams. My main motivation for this event was to become inspired, meet like-minded people and also to find out about some special or secret events. The Festival did all that!

 Other than most fairs, the Travel Festival opens up a new perspective on travel that is highly more individualized and pushes travel as we know it to its limits. Waving Goodbye to fancy hotels and making room for a fresh travel mindset that involves festivals, hostels, road trips and other kinds of adventures, the event speaks to a new and young generation of travelers with an international outreach. The vibe was incredibly relaxed and easy-going compared to similar events.

 The event amazed me with its love to detail. Workshops, like street photography or Shape Your Own Surfboard were present; as well as its 80 presentations with special guests, (superstars in the travelling world) like The Family Without Borders or Little City, and screenings, such as One Year on a Bike. In total, there were over a hundred stands to explore!


Don’t miss out on next year! I can really recommend it, if you are looking for something a little different in your next adventure!


 Travel Trends 2018

The foldable origami canoe ,,Onak”, luxury tents from Lotus Belle for glam camping, and vacation camps for adults definitely made the top 10 traveling trends for this year.

 As festivals are creative playgrounds and create the opportunity to nurture ones sense of community, they are taking over the mainstream culture. While turning away from festival stereotypes, like loud music and drinking, festivals that offer a more peaceful atmosphere and set of workshops, like the Seaborn Mitmach- Festival am Meer, Germany, and the Pangea Festival, also Germany, are popping up all over. I am super hyped to check those out!


 Now it’s time to press your Sleep-Eat-Travel-Repeat- Button! What are your travel plans for this year?





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2 thoughts on “Travelling in 2018 – The Adventure Awaits

  1. Next month, I have a week-long convention in Anaheim, CA. Halfway through my convention, Bethany will join me, so we can take in a little of the warm, dry Santa Ana winds of southern California and then onto Lompoc, CA for a visit with Duncan at Vandenberg AFB. When we return, we’ll share some of our experiences and pictures : )

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  2. Bethany already told us about your trip to CA. We are so excited for you. Definitely say “Hello” to Duncan from us. According to what I hear, he is having a great time. Enjoy your travels. Really looking forward to the pictures already 🙂


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