A Love Letter to Berlin’s Hidden Pearl

Pfaueninsel, Germany

The sweet, almost thick, scent of honeysuckle and lilac flavored the air with fine hints of honey and light touches of vanilla, like a fruity perfume.


Behind the bushes that put on their best display of colorful blossoms, stood the romantic palace Schloss Pfaueninsel. Purple flowers were climbing up the wooden white palace walls, framing the long glass windows and making its way to the round Rapunzel towers.

Lewis Carroll’s Alice must have seen similar landscape gardens when she peaked through the tiny wooden door into the adventurous wonderland: beds of bright flowers and cool fountains. With its wide open fields for horses, cows and sheep and a romantic barn near the water, the Pfaueninsel holds the country image the way its drawn in fairy tales.

Even though the palace doesn’t behold a princess or prince to reign over the garden island Pfaueninsel in Berlin, peacocks still tell the story of the once existing glory and luxuriousness. -Their shrill feathers, like a gown, and their admirers following like servants.

The Pfaueninsel was (and still is) the hidden pearl of the capital and my German Men’s Day destination. Following my number one tip on my Men’s Day checklist (see Father’s Day, Men’s Day, Gentlemen’s Day), I brought my cousin with me to indulge in this holiday’s shenanigans. I have to admit that this year, I stayed on the calmer and less adventurous side of the celebration, but that doesn’t mean that the memories will shine any less bright.

Like a friendly game of ping pong, our conversation flowed as we shared thoughts and ideas and gave them all the colors of the rainbow. I like to believe that it doesn’t exactly matter what we talked about, but that we were there together.


I liked how we sat on the garden bench, overlooking the lake while popping open a can of cold lemonade- our legs tangled like roots, as if we would stay in this moment at least a hundred years. I liked how we laughed together and celebrated with our arms up in the air when party boats blasting music came by. Or how we watched the children play with a water hose without a care in the world, and got splashed from the crossfire when we got too close.

For all these little things that don’t seem to find the time to happen on a rushed daily basis and to get the appreciation they deserve, I love Men’s Day and the Pfaueninsel. –You leave me in Awe.

Love, Worldpal



    1. I promise you, you will love it!!!
      There is a small ferry that takes you two the island. I would advise you instead of taking the bus there, walk there from the Glienicker Brücke. The path follows all along the lakeshore and passes a beautiful, rustic restaurant…
      If you are looking for an escape from busy city life that would be it.


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