London is Calling

A Video Vlog

My gut has been telling me to follow down a path I am passionate about more often.

Even more than staying steady in a place with a great book, I love am obsessed with traveling. There are months, where I gladly exchange my whole paycheck for a plane ticket and a place to stay. So when I saw some time opening up in my schedule, my mind immediately went to all the places I wanted to see. –And there are so many!


Eventually, my husband and I had our hearts set on London. Afterall, London is always a good idea. The last time I had been there seven years ago with my father. The backpacking tour through southern England with him has been one of the best vacations ever. Therefore, it was definitely about time to take my husband there.

As we had mentioned before, we have really gotten into experimenting with filmmaking. So we were more than excited to bring our equipment with us.

I am really thrilled to show you the final result. We are very proud of it as it truly captures the nature of our adventure in the city jungle.

Enjoy! πŸ™‚


Love, Worldpal

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    1. Thank you very much, Ruby. I am glad you enjoyed it. We are still learning how to vlog. It’s such a wonderful process of learning and we constantly thrive to make the next video just a little bit better.
      We honestly had the best time in London. We just got so inspired to film.
      And yes, the weather was absolutely fantastic. Basically, it was the opposite of the stereotypical English weather. We were indeed really lucky.
      But right now, I would trade the sticky heat for heavy rain immediately. It’s been way to warm in Germany. Can’t wait for it to cool down.


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