The Best Quote On Self Love

3 Day Quote Challenge

Today, I am accepting The Fourth Dimension of Life’s invitation to claim the virtual stage for the “3 Day Quote Challenge” and spread love in the world, like jelly on peanut butter: Thick and with the sweetest flavor.

(Check out the Rules and nominees for the 3 Day Quote Challenge at the end of the article!)


Let’s Shake Hands

Thank you, Stefan, for this incredible opportunity. You absolutely made my day reaching out and showing me how much love and appreciation for the arts this community holds. Stefan has been a dear and active follower of the Worldpalblog Community for quite a while now and is a very talented blogger himself. I highly encourage you to check out his blog The Fourth Dimension of Life as it holds so much positive energy.

Besides the Liebster Award, this is the second time a blogger recognized my work.

Stefan, I hope, in the future, we can stick our creative heads together and take on a project as the both of us. I would really like that. 🙂



I am especially excited to participate in this challenge, because it’s the perfect excuse to talk about something I love: Reading.

Reading, to me, is an endless love affair that’s worth having, because I believe literature is a higher form of beauty that challenges our minds, undresses our soul and, sometimes, fogs our senses. Works that do all three are masterpieces.

My favorite author as of right now, my hero of the written word, is Oscar Wilde. (The weird moment when you notice you are fan-girling a man, who has been dead for over a century, but Justin Bieber simply doesn’t compare.) His words compare to the beguiling smell of a flower and the brutality of a pistol shot. There is no question whether I would draw my first quote from him. The answer is Yes! Always Yes!


The Best Quote About Self-Love


“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde

Radiate Self-Love!

I love this quote as it addresses a topic that’s really close to my heart: self-love. Self-love is a state of full acceptance and appreciation of who we are.

Practicing self-love isn’t being selfish or a luxury in life, rather a necessity. Instead, it’s the nurturing soil your happy life is growing on.

By now, you’re probably thinking something like “Worldpal, self love is for tree hugging hippies that look at life from a downer dog perspective.”

No, self love is for everyone (!!!). In Buddha’s words: “You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere.” And why should it be any different: The most long lasting relationship you will experience is the one with yourself.


Self-love creates happiness, confidence, and simply looks gorgeous on you! As it decreases stress and anxiety, it builds a healthy mindset.

I want everyone to take this message to heart. I particularly hope that I reach teenage girls that don’t feel that they are anything but perfect just the way they are, regardless of the self-destructive body images that clutter social media. I know what it’s like to look into the mirror and feel ugly, because there is a little cookie pouch where it doesn’t belong. But why spending so much time with hating who you are when you could spend the exact amount of time being happy?



4 Things You Should Do If You Are Struggling With Self-Love

Self-love doesn’t come to you by the click of a button. Gaining self-love is a process and a way of life. I put together a list of four things that you should do if you are struggling with self-love that I find important. (Yes, there are many more.)

1. Step away from perfectionism and forgive yourself.

Let’s face it: Life isn’t perfect and you aren’t either. You are human. Accept your flaws and learn from them as they are a part of your personal growth process.

As a university student, I am in a stage of constant evaluation of my actions and guess what: I get criticized a lot. Like a lot. Professors trample over my feelings as if they are non-existent. So what? Build thick skin. I know I make mistakes, but I also know I can get better. I am just not there yet. No need to come home beaten up and bruised on the inside.


2. Live intentionally.

Start every day like you mean it. Being in this state of awareness is an important factor to find meaning and purpose in your life. Take responsibility for your actions and you will find that through your own effort you will fulfill your life.


3. Treat of yourself.

Maybe it’s all bubble baths for you, working out, food or if you are a free spirit meditating. Nurture your mind and body, so you feel good in your own skin.

4. Count your blessings.

This is probably my favorite one. A few years ago, my mother gave me an idea that I still treasure today: Note down three things that you are thankful for in your day every evening. Even when you have the worst day, try to find three. No matter how simple these things may be. I really want to encourage you to try this one. It works wonders.


So, this is it for Day 1. I hope you enjoyed this article!

Get Engaged In The Conversation

Do you have any ideas for practices to build self-love? Please let me know in the comments below!

I understand, that my tips are more on the general side. Would you like how I practice self-love on a daily basis?

And if you are as obsessed as I am with Oscar Wilde, I beg you to pitch me some book recommendations! I am always looking forward to a good read!

3 Day Quote Challenge – The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.
  3. Nominate three other bloggers each day.

My 3 Nominees

 1.  UptightPrettyGirl

 2. Earthly Brain

 3. Kelseywritess

Good luck! I hope you enjoy this challenge. I am already excited to read your posts!



Love, Worldpal

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12 thoughts on “The Best Quote On Self Love

  1. That was so wonderfully positive and spot on Jana. It is easier said than done, but MUST be done. Two excellent quotes in there my dear. I simply love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Bethy. I am so happy you enjoyed this article.
      Yes, I absolutely agree. It’s not this easy to put into actions. But I believe a conscious mindset is a good start. I have found that establishing habits that improve my wellbeing has helped me a lot.


    1. Thank you so much! I simply find that this challenge holds so much potential for a great article and as in lately I really want to step up my blogging game.
      Collaboration? Heck yes! I am so happy that you see it the same way. When I feel drawn to a theme that I think could be Stefan-related, I will definitely reach out to you. Feel free to do the same. 🙂


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