10 Things To Learn From Your Cat

 Why You Should Be A Cat Person

 Are you a cat or dog person?

 Ever since I saw my little baby laying in a little cardboard box with seven other adorable kittens, I instantly knew I was a cat person. My cat later rubbed his face against my legs, and I knew I was his human.

 My cat was a great buddy to all of my family: watching soccer with my brother on the couch, not missing a single barbeque in summer and purring when I did my homework.

Minki in the garden

 My cat, Minka (Also: Minki, Minkidu, Stinki), passed away after fourteen years living in the jungle behind our house. Therefore, I would like to dedicate this article to him. As much as he was a klutzy kitty, he was also the face to a happy and healthy lifestyle. So for one last time, let’s take a piece from Minki’s wisdom.


10 Things To Learn From Your Cat

1. Be independent. 


Excuse me, is this seat next to you taken? A short blinking of the eye, and your little tiger already jumps on the garden chair with the fluffy pillow. A little adjusting with their paws and they look like a royal on their throne.

Cats highly enjoy your company as they lay next to you in the garden, snuggle on your lap or simply following your every move. In fact, they are more socially active than the now outdated studies make them appear. They are absolutely capable of forming close relationships. Yet, they don’t rely on these bonds for a sense of security and protection. Instead, they follow their autonomous mind.

 2. Never give up on what you want.

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I am hungry. This is probably a constant reappearing thought in your cat’s mind. And what is it that cats do best? Beg. They have their begging game all figured out that with the snap of the claw, they will eventually get you to do what they want. Yes, sometimes, it might take hours, but cats are determined. Especially, in the morning. When around 4 or 5 am, we humans like to stay snuggled into our blankets, but the cats don’t give up until the bowl is filled again.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.


As much as cats can provide for themselves, their luxury lifestyle requires some help from the outside. They ask for food, cuddles and the permission to go inside or outside. (More than a gentle request, it’s a demand.) They eventually get what they want and their family is more than happy (most of the time) to do them the favor.

4. Appreciate the little things and show appreciation. 

images (2)

There is nothing more beautiful for our cats than to lay outside with all fours stretched out and the sun shining on their belly.  Good weather and a bowl full of food and water is enough to make a day great.

Obviously, tummy rubs are also nice. Time to thank their friend with a comforting purr.


5. Live in the moment.

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Cats never think about tomorrow. They live in the now. Taking it all in at once: the rattling of the leaves, the singing of the birds and the warming sunrays.

6. Spending time with friends doesn’t have to be extra. Your company is enough.

images (5)

Am I supposed to catch this ball? And why are you dangling the yarn in front of my face? Can’t we just chill? Honestly, I just want to sleep next to you, silly human.

7. Be curious.


There are many things that cats find captivating: Hidden corners, holes and boxes. Everything could be the lead for today’s adventure.

8. The sky is the limit. So dream big.

images (4)

First, your little friend is right next to you. But once you let them loose, there is no telling where your cat is going to go next: Over the fence? Balancing on your neighbor’s roof? Or all the way into the high hazelnut tree across the street? As long as there is no water, cats try to explore every dimension. There is so much to see and so many birds to catch.


9. Keep moving forward.

images (6)

My cat has done many silly things. The funniest was when he sprinted towards a cherry tree in the garden, climbing as soon as he reached it. But after about one meter, he stopped and started sliding down the trunk. He let go and walked away as if nothing happened. Off to new adventures.


10. Love others, but love yourself most.

images (7)

If cats had a life motto, this would be it. (Check out The Best Quote On Self-Love)

Rest In Peace, Minki

 I still can’t believe that you are gone, Minki. I hope you knew how many times you were the reason for my smile. You have always held a very special place in my heart and always will.  You have been such a fighter trying to stay in this world to be with your family. I hope you know how much you were loved. I miss you and can’t imagine a day not missing you. I always said you will never pass, because I needed to spend so many more hours with you. In my heart, you will live forever.

Minki saying “Hello”

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Also, what did you learn from your cat?

I am already looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Love, Worldpal

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