Summer Bucket List

I’ve got summer in my heart, summer on my mind and finally, it’s also summer outside.

(I know, cheesy rhymes are always cheesy.)


Melone neuHello sunshine! Hello summertime!

I don’t long for any other season the way I long for summer. So yes, I already tossed away my flip flops –Because if you are not barefoot, you are overdressed, right? – and I’m all ready to dip my toes into a pool of new-found motivation and freedom. Aren’t you?

I am sure this just sounds too familiar: The sun tickles you awake. Getting dressed is now accompanied by the singing of the birds and somehow you can’t help to think “This is what Snow White must feel like…”. Then you look in the mirror –Oh look at you, babe. You, yes maybe you, have a little bit of Snow White inside of you. You have the best morning: Smoothie, pancake(s), oatmeal, maybe a coffee or tea for breakfast.

And then, around lunch time, … Well. You got everything done you wanted to get done. The rest of your day seems as empty as the desert around noon. If it really hits you bad, one of these tumbleweeds might roll through your mind. Nothing. Nada is going on. And it’s still bright out for at least eight hours. Bummer, right?

Not to worry! I will help you escape summer boredom.

I want to give you a bucket list with 35 great ideas of how to make most of your summer and escape from summer boredom.

…well, and give you the much-needed kick into your tush to make your summer dreams happen!


As you know, I am always all in for a good time! –Honestly, I am the last one to take your thunder! Yet, I’d like to establish three basic rules for summer:

  1. Stay hydrated!
  2. Take a break when the heat gets to you!
  3. Wear sun screen!

Now, let’s start turning lemons into lemonade!


Summer Bucket List

If you are like me just finishing up your exams at university, then you probably have undergone the typical examinitis like most of us: First, you let your social life slide. Then, your free time activities are out the window and lastly, your health standards drop until your life only consists of Netflix (The Prince of Bel-Air is an addiction, btw.! Love it!), junk food and your notes from school. Now that exams are over, it’s time to snap out of it!

  1. Re-fuel your social life.
  2. Re-build your routines. Maybe your morning routine: Smoothie bowls, pancakes and a good read….
  3. Shake up your fitness routine.
  4. Pamper yourself: Nail polish, facial mask –The whole package!

So, once the basics are established again, let’s ease into the summer chillin’ we have been longing for!

  1. Read library books.
  2. Get your photos developed and add them to your photo album. Or scrapbook, if that floats your boat.
  3. Create a summer playlist.
  4. Nap in the garden. (There is going to be lot’s of that!)

… and then there is obviously the typical vacation stuff…

  1. Do the one thing you actually had planned! (Seriously, nobody likes a slacker)
  2. Browse flea markets/ farmers markets.
  3. Send a postcard.
  4. Let go at a rooftop party.
  5. Watch the sunrise.
  6. Watch the sunset.
  7. Make the most of a staycation.
  8. Roadtrip!
  9. Say yes to a spontaneous adventure.
  10. Try something new.

“Worldpal, where is the part where you mention food? –Are you also constantly thinking about what to eat next?” Good, it’s not just me. Just hold your horses!

  1. Make cookies.
  2. Make lemonade.

Obviously, food can flavor a summer experience. Somehow, outdoor activities always reach their full potential of fun when you add food to the equation.

  1. Have a picnic.
  2. Have a campfire. Smores are a must! Or try out Stockbrot. I promise, it will become your new campfire favorite!
  3. Go out for brunch.
  4. Eat pizza on the dock.
  5. Go out for ice cream.
  6. Host a dinner party outside, attend a garden party or have a barbeque.
  7. Go to a café. (Man, I don’t need it to be summer to do that. Cafès are always a good idea.)
  8. Go to an outside movie theatre.
  9. Bike.
  10. Play Frisbee golf.
  11. Spend the whole day at (or on) the water.
  12. Go crazy at a summer music festival.

Also, look ahead for the new semester to come!

  1. Do an internship or work.
  2. Prepare for the next semester.

Lastly, remember the heat isn’t just beating down on you. This year, summer has been particularly hot and dry. So please, if you wouldn’t mind, please water plants, like the tree in front of your apartment (Even though it might not technically be on your property.) and leave water out for animals. A small bowl of water for birds is an easy and helpful beginning. So let’s beat the heat together!

  1. Give water to others!



Raise your lemonade to a wonderful summertime!

Which one of these activities are also on your summer bucket list? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Love, Worldpal


p.s.: It feels great being back! I truly missed the Worldpal-family. Thank you for your patience.


  1. Love this!! 🙂

    But, maybe depending on where you live, don’t have a campfire!! I live in BC, and there is a campfire ban as the forests are so dry at the moment. There are lots of areas with the same ban, so we all have to be really careful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for watching out with your eye on environmental issues. 🙂
      This season has also been really dry here as well. Unfortunately, this has lead to many forest fires.
      In my hometown, public fires are also banned for all of August. I am glad that the town took action.
      An inside grill and Netflix might not be as nice as an outside bonfire, but a sacrifice worth making 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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