What You Should Know Before Going To Lollapalooza

Last September weekend, Lollapalooza called thousands of party people to the Olympia Stadium in Berlin to celebrate.

Lollapalooza, or Lolla, as the No-Drama-Lammas call it, is one of the biggest mainstream pop-music festivals with headliners like The Weeknd, Dua Lipa and Imagine Dragons.

However, Lollapalooza is more than “just” music. Lolla feels like a sparkly rainbow dreamland, which should be your final stop when saying goodbye to summer before you welcome the next day with a Pumpkin Spiced Latte.


1) Bring a nice camera

If taking pictures is part of the experience for you, then your phone camera won’t be enough. Bring a high quality pocket-sized camera (Even a Polaroid camera would be perfect in my opinion.) 

Ribbons flying in the summer breeze, bikes disappearing under a wave of flowers and silver ornaments reflecting the warm sunrays are just some examples that illustrate the love to detail and creativity that I so appreciate about the event. Therefore, Lolla isn’t Willy Wonka’s candy land, but has an equal amount of sweet (instagood) eyecandy to offer.

As you can imagine, photo opportunities are splattered all over the festival grounds.

(Since some of these installations have no official names, I named them myself. So please don’t be confused if you read related articles and these installations reappear under a different name.)


 My favorites were: Below Cloud Nine, Forrest Mirrors and Bali Jungle Resort.

Below Cloud Nine is the entrance to Fashionpalooza. In the pavilion-like installation, Barbie-pink and silver strings come down from above like rain from cloud nine and swing in the wind.

The Forrest Mirrors completely step up the bathroom selfie-game. The tall mirror prisms are an incredible alternative for selfie lovers: Mirrors on two sides and a playful jungle backdrop on the third.

The Jungle Resort is the spot to go for urban monkeys. Are you in Bali? In Berlin? Who knows? It might not be exactly Bali’s Jungle, but there are many opportunities to sit down or swing in hammocks that come down from the treetops.

2) Be early

If you want to make most out of your experience, be early! (The early bird catches the worm for a reason.) Not only will the photo props be crowded later in the day, but long lines will also keep you from amazing activities the festival has to offer: Booths to print T-shirts or bags, to create floral Boho crowns or to top up your make-up.

3) More flowers. More glitter

It’s a fashion queen dream! Bring lots of glitter! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and realize your fashion dreams. Trust me, you will inspire and be inspired.

Who said diamonds are reserved for necklaces and bracelets? Lolla’s make-up-game made its way up to the Champion League with Coachella and Burning Man. -Mainly because of one booth. They created diamond mosaics on your face for a day turning you into a Desert Flower or Boho Queen. To me, this stand alone is reason enough to be early. After all, we don’t get the chance to feel a little extra pretty every day. Why not do it when we can?

Lollapalooza celebrates all the facets of life, but anything that brings us worries. As a festival that writes ACCEPTANCE in capital letters, it invites you to express yourself through your fashion.

Desert Flower, Boho Queen, Bathing Beauty, Time Traveler, Band Groupie or Casual-Is-The-New-Chic. There are no limits. Lolla is the event to see as well as to be seen.

As much as the creators poured passion into creating the Dreamworld, the visitors lived up to the high standards of creativity the event set for them when throwing conformity out the window for the next 13 hours. Most outfits were created with such a passion for detail and a quench of fun.


4) Stand in the back

Big headliners call for BIG crowds. My original advice would have been to come early and reserve your place by sitting (not standing!) your ground. Yeah, after Dua Lipa I thought I had figured it all out, so I could have the best view possible for Imagine Dragons.

Forget it.

Unless you are one of the foolhardy or dedicated, who doesn’t mind to be pushed and pulled, don’t even try to save a great spot. Honestly, the concerts unleashed a madness unlike I have ever seen before. Considering that everybody was there to have a great time, I was SHOCKED TO THE CORE to see how DISRESPECTFUL and AGRESSIVE people were. Turns out that if you can’t deal with six people sharing the grounds of 1 m² (11 ft²), being pushed to the ground and constant high pitched screaming, the highly anticipated concerts are not for you.

To my surprise, there is no need to turn into a ticking time bomb.

The party happens in the back. The further back you go, the more room you have to dance and just to enjoy the show with others who are equally chill. -Not only that, you can actually see the artist (not just on the screen) and the sound quality is much better.

5) Small shows are the most fun

Even though the highly anticipated artists are the main reason I decided going to the festival, the small concerts were the best. A shout-out to San Holo, whose music we use for our travel videos, and Danny Avila. You guys rocked! You are probably the reason I would go again. I had most fun at your shows, because you knew how to make a crowd groove. When you play music, we dance.  –Dance like you would when nobody’s watching. Dance as if there was no tomorrow. (Even if your happy dance compares to a calf workout as you bounce up and down.) Just go for it! Honestly, people were so relaxed and went to have a great time.

Other shows to love were the gymnasts that were floating above the ground in hoops or elegantly twirling in long cloths.

In the evening, groups of animation dancers crossed the festival grounds. They compared to Narnia-like fairytale creatures in their floral body suits. I loved how they randomly handed out blue flower crowns. You can only imagine the big smile of the six year old girl, when one of the elves placed a crown on her head. She reached up to it as if she couldn’t imagine what just happened and then turned around to show her mum.


6) Nooks are there for a reason

Festivals are stressful. Take breaks.

Big crowds can be stressful. And let’s be honest, we haven’t perfected our No-Drama-Lamma state of mind that we can be around thousands of people for the whole day without taking a break. The great thing is there are many festival areas such as Kidzapalooza with significantly less people to simply lay down in the grass and chill.

7) Bring the following essentials

Guidelines are very limiting on what you are allowed to take with you. But it allows you to take some essentials in. You only have to figure out which ones.

What I wish I had with me: toilet paper, facial wipes, sunscreen, water bottle bag (not sponsored) and a towel.

All in all, it was a great first music festival. After figuring out all these little hacks, I would definitely go again.

To another festival season to come!

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Love, Worldpal



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