Hello and welcome!

I hope with this little spot, I can create an inspired playground to give my spaghetti-like thoughts the room they deserve.

I am a twenty-some year old from beautiful Potsdam, Germany. I graduated high school (Gymnasium) in 2015 and made my way into the science-geek-world as I started to study math and physics at Potsdam University (which turned out to be a full-time job with a long vacation).

I am incredibly thankful for the life I have built here: I love my family and friends, the local cafe, the fitness center and the library. But all it takes is a gaze out the window for my travel genes to shake me and tell me to get out in the world with my eyes wide open, since there is so much to see. I am convinced that seeing everything the world has to offer is my life mission.

Next to every girl with big dreams is a partner in crime. I married my high school sweetheart this summer and I have been grateful for every day together since we met.

My writing is like a science experiment: More or less planned, like two and two put together resulting in a loud „Poof“. Unsure of the outcome until I blow the smoke away, I either have created something great or… well. Maybe better luck next time. More than once, I will venture into new waters and often, you will probably lean back and think „Man, why did she decide to explore this?“. But I promise you, if you hold on tight and hang in there with me, you are in for a great and exciting journey ahead.

I am so thankful for every person who walks through my life and leaves a few footprints behind. I hope you do, too.

Are you with me, friend?

Love, Worldpal